Friday, October 30, 2009

hurray~ exam finished~ free~~

this morning was the last subject~ yipee~
but i felt no big different...
now is waiting for the result hopefully got 6 credit~ so worry about my english... haiz
and i wanna change the count down into the result declare...
going to find a job after my graduation~
mayb next year november i will go taiwan for further study~
wish my dream can come true~
so i went to cut my hair~ RM25 wif ying hong this afternoon~
after that we went to queensbay watch movie is a horror movie~ jennifer's body~

but not that horror~~ hahax
then now i am back to restaurant city and also country story~ i will never ever touch the pet society again beside send the items to ying hong and ming yue~
haizzz... setting the novel d matter now... cant find a suitable word form... sienzzz
watever la~ going to take a bath nw, mom is cuming back~ leave a while //@>@//

MJ looks, nice? XD