Sunday, June 28, 2009


Friday, June 26, 2009


bought a mask~ rm1...
i saw many ppl wearing mask~~
vivi oso wore mask~~ she felt uncomfortable....
so many ppl absent... 18/26 students only....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tis few days~~

horrible air pollution @.@
hope the rain will bring away the haze...
mother bought lense for me, daily disposable~
so expensive~ only 5 pairs, one day rm7...
but compare to the lense that i bought(for 1 month), i felt that mine was more comfortable, cuz the daily lense was so dry...
reading these 2 books~~ borrowed from the library~~ nice books~~
bringing tis to school(ear plug), cuz my class vry noisy!! always make my ears tinnitus...
always forgot to take out tis(wax) when eating... sometimes swallowed it with the food...( it can avoid the damages from the braces, actually it is useful~)
part of my makeup accessories~~ the mascara vry expensive and it can vibrate~~
and my keychain~~ mother bought it when she went to paris~~ ( too boring yesterday~~ keep snapping photos~~)
juz finished it~!! yesterday daddy came back suddenly so i cant pause it~~ i felt that the man actor's face was too ashy~~ many of my friends love tis movie vry much~~ hmm, it hasn't end yet... still got 2 or 3 mayb i will go and read the books~

hmm, today~ so many students absent because of the h1n1 ( to be honest, it just an excuse, they so lazy to cum to school) I saw some students wearing mask, mayb 2mr will go and buy one too~~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

so lazy to write~~~

post some photos~~ cuz i lazy to write~~

i skip the marching again~~ haha~~ cuz my 200m started after the opening ceremony~

my school team~~ so red~~ @.@

my bro~~ performed at pragin mall~~

Friday, June 19, 2009

so tired and dizzy...

juz cum back from the school...
very very tired, cuz 2day is the five private school sport heat... althought i take part in only 2 events but i felt so tired and dizzy mayb is because of the weather... damn hell hot!!! and mayb is because of i ate few things, the whole day i juz drank a cup of oats, a little bit of rice and 1/4 bread... cuz i cant bite!!! yesterday i juz went to change the braces's rubber, blue in colour~~

every next day of renewing the rubber, i cant eat anything!!!! cuz it is so tight havent use to it yet~!!
watever la~~
upload some pic 1st, 2day's sport heat~~
juz reached the stadium~~

with amanda~~

i skip the rehearsal marching~~ ^o^
cuz so hot~~ and someone even fainted~~

tug of war(拔河) all the competitors were these big in size =='''
my school's team~ but we lost, hmmm
today i took part in the long jump and 4x100 and i oso lost... cuz i was so noob... they were so pro~!!

and i met ah p'ng he is chung ling private student~~ he changed much~~ taller than last time~~

and his face oso changed much cuz last time his face was so baby face~~

fortunately it rains after the sport heat~~

2mr i take part in the 200m, sure lose~~
i dun care about it, i juz scare so many ppl looking at me... see i am running the last...

khai wei sent for me juz now 2009 c31~~
his photoshop was so good~~!!
hmmm, so tired i want to sleep d~~ leave now //(8 38)//

Wednesday, June 17, 2009



因为昨天mei poh说不来我就死定了...呵呵~~
她让我们穿钉鞋练习. 练习完我脱下来时不小心弄跌敲到我的脚背,直接流血~!!!!痛到~~~~-_-'''
but whatever la~~
po 上来先~~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wat the?! cant skip~!!

last period was the weekly assembly, mei poh called me and some students out cuz we din attent the sport practice at all... and she told us that we cant skip the competition if we absent we will get a "大过"... so totally cant skip it...
haiz... i dun like to take part in competition, i hate the competition...
editing photo juz now for the graduation publication~~

three of us~~ hoho~~

Monday, June 15, 2009

1st day of school reopen

nothing change beside some of the guys cut the hair~
my all of result was around 60, i knew that early... cuz tis time i din studied much, very lazy haha...
i juz worry about the parent's day, how 2 explain the result to my daddy...
2nd and 3rd lesson was computer lesson after we done the homework the teacher let us on9, i tried to remove the header but still cant =''=
tis saturday is the sport day of the 5 chinese private school in penang, the mei poh let me take part in many events but i dunwan!!! cuz i run very slow later the laugh at me... so embrassing...
so mayb i will skip the sport day~~
watever la~~
play game 1st, later wan off already~~
leave now ~~//(@.@)//

Sunday, June 14, 2009



Saturday, June 13, 2009

photo~~ photo~~

tis morning i went to drive car again~~
came back b4 9a.m so early~!!
hoho~~ luv 2 edit photo~~ hehe~~
the 1st photo is my lovely hp~~ vry tiny~~ everyone saw it will say: "omg so small u can use meh ??"
the 2nd photo is the game that i play recently zany bridge wahjong(majong) and landlord~~
many ppl duno how 2 play the zany bridge cuz bit complicated~~ but i like it ~~ hoho~~
juz now my brother cooked the lunch...
the lunch... really speechless...
he said tis call creative!! wat a damn creative...
the bean sprouts mix with cheese and butter( i juz ate a little bit) , and the vegetables din cut the root... so i din ate much, i juz drink the soup(cuz the soup cooked by mother) and the rice only... =='''

Friday, June 12, 2009

I lost myself

I lost myself...
where am I ?
what should I do next ?
what can I do?
which one is me ?


现在1.15分了,还没冲凉; 还没准备午餐。。。
好吧, 煮午餐先再回来好了。。。妈要我煮包菜汤。。。没头绪。。。怎么煮?=.=

Thursday, June 11, 2009

hehe, learned to edit photo like tis>>>

home alone again ^v^

vry free nw so i learn to edit the photos like tis using the web d software~~
the 1st picture took when teacher's day they made 2 cake 2 celebrate~~
and the 2nd pic is last time 转写工艺 d homework( i spended much time on drawing that heart...), yesterday when i cleaning my wardrobe i found it~~
duno y the i cant upload photo on the facebook... sienzz lo~~ my other facebook's account oso cant upload.... o_O i juz edit another photo, i wan upload la~!!!!!!
haizz, try it later... nw go and cook my spaghetti 1st HUNGRY~!!!


cum back now~~ finished the spaghetti already~~ feel so sticky nw~~

hehe, so rich in meetoto~~ hohoho~~
playing viwawa now, cum back later //(^v^)//