Friday, June 19, 2009

so tired and dizzy...

juz cum back from the school...
very very tired, cuz 2day is the five private school sport heat... althought i take part in only 2 events but i felt so tired and dizzy mayb is because of the weather... damn hell hot!!! and mayb is because of i ate few things, the whole day i juz drank a cup of oats, a little bit of rice and 1/4 bread... cuz i cant bite!!! yesterday i juz went to change the braces's rubber, blue in colour~~

every next day of renewing the rubber, i cant eat anything!!!! cuz it is so tight havent use to it yet~!!
watever la~~
upload some pic 1st, 2day's sport heat~~
juz reached the stadium~~

with amanda~~

i skip the rehearsal marching~~ ^o^
cuz so hot~~ and someone even fainted~~

tug of war(拔河) all the competitors were these big in size =='''
my school's team~ but we lost, hmmm
today i took part in the long jump and 4x100 and i oso lost... cuz i was so noob... they were so pro~!!

and i met ah p'ng he is chung ling private student~~ he changed much~~ taller than last time~~

and his face oso changed much cuz last time his face was so baby face~~

fortunately it rains after the sport heat~~

2mr i take part in the 200m, sure lose~~
i dun care about it, i juz scare so many ppl looking at me... see i am running the last...

khai wei sent for me juz now 2009 c31~~
his photoshop was so good~~!!
hmmm, so tired i want to sleep d~~ leave now //(8 38)//