Friday, June 5, 2009

woke up on 12.30p.m =='''

i woke up on 12.30p.m O_o OMG== wasted much time!!!
2day not sunday my grandfather oso cum my house for lunch...(normally he cum on sunday) duno y i dun like my grandfather...haiz...
about1.30p.m my mom went out with peipei's mother actually i want follow them but at the time tat she went out i havent take bath stay at home lo~~
i play the doudizhu inside the facebook, everyone was so pro~!! better than the player in meetoto, mayb i wont play the meetoto anymore~~ cuz the player very stupid, always block the way to win~!!
finally i added music at here~~~ poker face~~ had many cute cute's flash decoration ~~~ took from there~~
nvr post a photo at here b4~~

yesterday edited~

i saw many ppl like to edit like tis, haha~~

my restaurant city vry noob... 555 only 4 staff and the customer always said "wait too long" and left 555

so hungry nw, mother phoned me juz nw she said she wont cum back so early so wanted me 2 cook myself... sienzz daddy oso phoned me, he wanted me to close the pc n go down exercise==''

cook dinner 1st, leave nw~~ //(*3*;)//