Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wasting time again...

hmmm, finally i am alone in the house!!!! daddy & mother went out, Mr kiu jun xiang oso went to look for his frens!!! FINALLY, duno y the luv so shout??! talking like shouting( me oso nearly same wif them liao) honestly i love to be alone!!!!

tis morning's additional class reallllllllllllllllllly waste time!!! the whole class i juz read story book at there and the only thing i did is copy the book keeping's pass year question's answer!!!! ><><>< before i went to school i dropped my mother to work after that i went to mcdonald. after the mcdonald i went to morning market to meet yinghong behmingyong jontan and juanwoan and i ate banchangkuih, tis morning i ate many things!!! and they duno i already ate mcd then keep asking me why eat so few only?? ==''

after the tuition i went to look for limin she work in a comic shop, i incidentally rent 3 comic and 2 novel ( i finished all of it already ^v^)

later in time i went to batulancang and fetch my mother to "kupo" house and stayed there for a long time i nearly crazy cuz i havent take bath my whole body so sticky and smelly my mother said that stay "a while"only damn hell " a while"!!
earning pet's coin nw 2day oso dun hav mood to decorate=='' haha

duno y i love to be alone to me everythings isnt important till nw i havent find a thing my heart cant stop for it, stay for it -_- sadness...

p/s i hope none of my fren will discovered tis blog ^^ tis is my secret diary i dunwan to write in a book is bcoz last time my diary had been read by others and they noe my secret==5555 and till nw my fren always ridicule me with the content of my diary == == == they are so animalistic!!

hmm, so late already mayb they are coming back i wan 2 shut down pc already, leave nw~~