Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Penang bridge marathon 22/11/09

this morning i went to the penang bridge marathon~
nice memory~
I ran 10km long time din exercise so hard like this~ nice~ i ran, stopped, ran, stopped~ hahax because of mingyue~ she pulled me down... actually i can run faster d~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

started working

Working at queensbay's Niceday~

quite nice~ basic is rm1000 then commission is 3% but working time very long from
1030am-1030pm and resting time only 45min per day~ originally i am going to work at levi's but they phoned me after Niceday so i refused, and luckily i refused! cause my friend told me that the supervisor of levi's very weird~ they like to scold people without reason AND they pay me only rm850 +rm50 allowance... zzz really few~ so i think my choice is correct~
worked for 3days so i think i can handle this work already at least the supervisor nicer than MOLLY haha~ but i can't online often cause when back from work very late already and
some more mom won't let me on9 just sometimes like today wake up early~

went to beach with them~

and also Li Kiew, she is taking photo~ long time din gathering liao lor~

Monday, November 9, 2009

7/11/09 graduation ceremony and prom night

wow, I was graduated~ hahax no need to go back to school again~
that morning, i ate breakfast at mcdonald with yinghong~

after that we went to school, and took some photos~

this was last time i wore uniform~
bout 2.30p.m i fetched yinghong to prangin mall to setting up our dress for prom night~
1st we went to coloured our nails

after setting up everything, we were late from the dinner, nearly cant enter the hall...

this was my look~ XD

took photo with so many frens
unforgettable memories~

after prom night i went to pub, FAME this is my first time enter a pub~
so many people went there, nearly all form6 student went there~
everyone drunk beside me, cuz i drank bit only~ XD

Friday, November 6, 2009

4/11/09 my birthday~

celebrated at redbox~ wif my best fren only~
but yinghong dun like 2 sing... so I solo...
hmm, quite happy la~

so tomorrow is my graduation liao lor~ so fast, my secondary school life is going to end... time past so fast...
and i am vry excited bout 2mr night~~ prom night~ hahax but i so worry about if someone wear the same gown wif me, i bought at forever21 i think many people will buy at there too~
i wanna take many photos at tomorrow night~~~ lalala

Monday, November 2, 2009

my UEC

Art - I did very worst on 水墨画 but fortunately it only 20marks, but i did very well on平面设计 and the same to 静物写生 just mistake little bit on 静物写生, teacher said my 平面设计 drew very nice~~ hahax
B.M - even difficult than SPM, especially the Rumusan part!!can't found a correct point, just guessing wildly~!
Chinese - Quite good i think, and essay part i did well(perhaps)
Commerce1 - Easy, huhuhu, what i studied came out exactly, hope that can get above B3, don't disappoint me~!!
Math - I just knew that I can score high marks on the statistic question... my math always very poor...
Commerce2 - bit difficult than Commerce... hope that can get above B4
Add math - I only tuition for about 2 months... my demands only pass... i tried my best
BK - aiya this subject totally gave up d la, I just studied one chapter that was bank reconciliation and didn't came out, what the teacher predicted totally didn't came out~~ haha~~ I don't like BK and also the teacher~~
English - so worry about this subject cause quite difficult 555555
Economy - hmm ok la, i think can get above B5
Computer - hmm, i shouldn't chose this subject... fooling around

Sunday, November 1, 2009


我妈一路来都是很情绪化的, 这是众所周知的事情...
今天早上刚从我爸举办的讲座会回来, 经过我哥的房间时看到他的床上都是衣服.
我就随口问我妈:“ 哇, 你怎么把衣服都搬出来啊?” 这句话很平常吧,只是普通的说话而已,可是,她就生气了!!!
还有,我只是问她:“你煮饭了吗?”很normal的疑问句而已 酱也生气...她说:“我从早上做到现在都没有停到,一回来就要吃...”我真的无话可说...而且她也很会迁怒...她自己弄不好东西就赖人...不过幸亏我没遗传到她的脾气...
我哥,很过分, 很爱欺负我。昨天他踢我的脚,超用力的~~!!!直到现在他提的那个位置还在痛,都内伤了~~!!早上走路时还一拐一拐的...妈呀...