Monday, November 2, 2009

my UEC

Art - I did very worst on 水墨画 but fortunately it only 20marks, but i did very well on平面设计 and the same to 静物写生 just mistake little bit on 静物写生, teacher said my 平面设计 drew very nice~~ hahax
B.M - even difficult than SPM, especially the Rumusan part!!can't found a correct point, just guessing wildly~!
Chinese - Quite good i think, and essay part i did well(perhaps)
Commerce1 - Easy, huhuhu, what i studied came out exactly, hope that can get above B3, don't disappoint me~!!
Math - I just knew that I can score high marks on the statistic question... my math always very poor...
Commerce2 - bit difficult than Commerce... hope that can get above B4
Add math - I only tuition for about 2 months... my demands only pass... i tried my best
BK - aiya this subject totally gave up d la, I just studied one chapter that was bank reconciliation and didn't came out, what the teacher predicted totally didn't came out~~ haha~~ I don't like BK and also the teacher~~
English - so worry about this subject cause quite difficult 555555
Economy - hmm ok la, i think can get above B5
Computer - hmm, i shouldn't chose this subject... fooling around