Tuesday, November 17, 2009

started working

Working at queensbay's Niceday~

quite nice~ basic is rm1000 then commission is 3% but working time very long from
1030am-1030pm and resting time only 45min per day~ originally i am going to work at levi's but they phoned me after Niceday so i refused, and luckily i refused! cause my friend told me that the supervisor of levi's very weird~ they like to scold people without reason AND they pay me only rm850 +rm50 allowance... zzz really few~ so i think my choice is correct~
worked for 3days so i think i can handle this work already at least the supervisor nicer than MOLLY haha~ but i can't online often cause when back from work very late already and
some more mom won't let me on9 just sometimes like today wake up early~

went to beach with them~

and also Li Kiew, she is taking photo~ long time din gathering liao lor~