Friday, February 19, 2010

WOW is chinese new year~~~

I came back from kampar last thursday~~ my friends dropped me at autocity then mom came and fetch me home~~ hmm, i skipped class... sadness... but if i didn't skip, no one can fetch me home... haizz
today is the sixth day of chinese new year already~~
collected many angpau but i didn't open them after chinese new year only take all the money out~~ haha

I edited this greeting card~~ hehe
and upload some more photos here~~

this was the first day~

this was the second day, we went to kek lok si~~ so beautiful!!

this was the third day~~

this was the fourth day~~
went out with them~~ hehe~~
and I drunk....

watched this movie just now~~ nice movie~ funny~~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

lost myself??

it had been a long time i din update again...
so many things happened~
i changed a lot, in about 3 weeks only... what the hack is this?? i don't want these happened... i want everything back to normal...
this weekend i will stay at qian yi's house~ her family members so friendly~~
we went out for movie, i can be counted that i watched two movie~ the first movie is
大日子, and the second movie is AVATAR!! finally i watched it!! long movie, but nice~
hmm, y i didn't go home since i already came here?? the answer is in my heart...
, well upload some photos first~

this was the first time i went to ipoh d club

and then i met my old friend~

and then my uni friends~~