Tuesday, December 29, 2009

here to update again

ah sheng and his frens back on 2pm by flight~~
he came so suddenly~ luckily i got 2days off(finally off, so many days din off dy because of christmas)~~ they came so rush and din visit anywhere... something wrong... zzz
7ppl together wif ah sheng and all boys~!! OMG~~
the day before yesterday i went out wif mingyue~
we went to school to settle my things first then we go gurney watch movie~~
we watch THE TREASURE HUNTER~~ okok only not vry nice~~ cuz at the end jaychou and linchiling din stay together as wat jaychou said:" WE ARE FROM DIFFERENT WORLD" and some character din explain clearly that who were they~ short movie it is~

after that we went to beach, sat at there chatting around and taken many photos... yinghong din cum wif us... sadness her sister dunwan fetch her back...

hope that in the future, we will never forget each other and all of our sweet memory~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

我要走了 leaving soon


end up with 金宝??
my daddy fault...

Saturday, December 12, 2009


前几天打pricestap的时候不小心把那个针扎进中指~~ 血直接喷~!!!!痛到~!!!
昨天在剪ribbon的时候不小心剪到手掌, 伤口虽然不大但还是很痛~~
今天, 在帮人包礼物时不小心割到食指,伤口还没愈合呢~~~ 显掉~~
这几天都一个人呢~~ 好高兴哦~~ 哥哥也不在~~ XD
换了新的隐形眼镜~~ 蓝色的, 很漂亮呢~~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wow so late liao lor~~

now is 1.09a.m
hahax home alone so nice~~ XD
no one will disturd me while i am using computer~~
2day hmm i think is yesterday was my off day~~ went to many place~~
woke up early in the morning 7.30a.m cuz i wanna drive car i scare my brother dunwan let me use~~ i went to mingyue house 1st cuz long time din find her ady~ and oso wanna give her present for her birthday, chatting with her~~
then i brought her together to cut hair with me~~ my hair was totally out of shape~~
after that i fetched her home and went to renew my ic~~
their service were so good and fast~~!! i thought i hav to wait about 1 or 2 hours BUT i juz spended 10min to renew my ic~!!! but one thing, i hav to wait one month to collect my ic...
i went home after that... i slept a while... cuz too tired~~ bout 5pm i went out wif likiew and sebastian we watched NINJA ASSASIN
nicer than NINJA

but so bloody and violence~!!

i bought a bag at so nice only rm28, i bought contact lense and another bag too hope tat can receive it 2mr~~
heavy rain now... hmmm i think wanna sleep liao lar cuz later hav to work~~
update next time ^^

Thursday, December 3, 2009


其实是被我爸弄醒的...他和mother等下就去中国了~ 8点的飞机~
前天跟丽球看了new moon

after that又跟雪玲看2012

等下星期休假时我就要看ninja assassin 了~是rain演的~~ XD

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Penang bridge marathon 22/11/09

this morning i went to the penang bridge marathon~
nice memory~
I ran 10km long time din exercise so hard like this~ nice~ i ran, stopped, ran, stopped~ hahax because of mingyue~ she pulled me down... actually i can run faster d~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

started working

Working at queensbay's Niceday~

quite nice~ basic is rm1000 then commission is 3% but working time very long from
1030am-1030pm and resting time only 45min per day~ originally i am going to work at levi's but they phoned me after Niceday so i refused, and luckily i refused! cause my friend told me that the supervisor of levi's very weird~ they like to scold people without reason AND they pay me only rm850 +rm50 allowance... zzz really few~ so i think my choice is correct~
worked for 3days so i think i can handle this work already at least the supervisor nicer than MOLLY haha~ but i can't online often cause when back from work very late already and
some more mom won't let me on9 just sometimes like today wake up early~

went to beach with them~

and also Li Kiew, she is taking photo~ long time din gathering liao lor~

Monday, November 9, 2009

7/11/09 graduation ceremony and prom night

wow, I was graduated~ hahax no need to go back to school again~
that morning, i ate breakfast at mcdonald with yinghong~

after that we went to school, and took some photos~

this was last time i wore uniform~
bout 2.30p.m i fetched yinghong to prangin mall to setting up our dress for prom night~
1st we went to coloured our nails

after setting up everything, we were late from the dinner, nearly cant enter the hall...

this was my look~ XD

took photo with so many frens
unforgettable memories~

after prom night i went to pub, FAME this is my first time enter a pub~
so many people went there, nearly all form6 student went there~
everyone drunk beside me, cuz i drank bit only~ XD

Friday, November 6, 2009

4/11/09 my birthday~

celebrated at redbox~ wif my best fren only~
but yinghong dun like 2 sing... so I solo...
hmm, quite happy la~

so tomorrow is my graduation liao lor~ so fast, my secondary school life is going to end... time past so fast...
and i am vry excited bout 2mr night~~ prom night~ hahax but i so worry about if someone wear the same gown wif me, i bought at forever21 i think many people will buy at there too~
i wanna take many photos at tomorrow night~~~ lalala

Monday, November 2, 2009

my UEC

Art - I did very worst on 水墨画 but fortunately it only 20marks, but i did very well on平面设计 and the same to 静物写生 just mistake little bit on 静物写生, teacher said my 平面设计 drew very nice~~ hahax
B.M - even difficult than SPM, especially the Rumusan part!!can't found a correct point, just guessing wildly~!
Chinese - Quite good i think, and essay part i did well(perhaps)
Commerce1 - Easy, huhuhu, what i studied came out exactly, hope that can get above B3, don't disappoint me~!!
Math - I just knew that I can score high marks on the statistic question... my math always very poor...
Commerce2 - bit difficult than Commerce... hope that can get above B4
Add math - I only tuition for about 2 months... my demands only pass... i tried my best
BK - aiya this subject totally gave up d la, I just studied one chapter that was bank reconciliation and didn't came out, what the teacher predicted totally didn't came out~~ haha~~ I don't like BK and also the teacher~~
English - so worry about this subject cause quite difficult 555555
Economy - hmm ok la, i think can get above B5
Computer - hmm, i shouldn't chose this subject... fooling around

Sunday, November 1, 2009


我妈一路来都是很情绪化的, 这是众所周知的事情...
今天早上刚从我爸举办的讲座会回来, 经过我哥的房间时看到他的床上都是衣服.
我就随口问我妈:“ 哇, 你怎么把衣服都搬出来啊?” 这句话很平常吧,只是普通的说话而已,可是,她就生气了!!!
还有,我只是问她:“你煮饭了吗?”很normal的疑问句而已 酱也生气...她说:“我从早上做到现在都没有停到,一回来就要吃...”我真的无话可说...而且她也很会迁怒...她自己弄不好东西就赖人...不过幸亏我没遗传到她的脾气...
我哥,很过分, 很爱欺负我。昨天他踢我的脚,超用力的~~!!!直到现在他提的那个位置还在痛,都内伤了~~!!早上走路时还一拐一拐的...妈呀...

Friday, October 30, 2009

hurray~ exam finished~ free~~

this morning was the last subject~ yipee~
but i felt no big different...
now is waiting for the result hopefully got 6 credit~ so worry about my english... haiz
and i wanna change the count down into the result declare...
going to find a job after my graduation~
mayb next year november i will go taiwan for further study~
wish my dream can come true~
so i went to cut my hair~ RM25 wif ying hong this afternoon~
after that we went to queensbay watch movie is a horror movie~ jennifer's body~

but not that horror~~ hahax
then now i am back to restaurant city and also country story~ i will never ever touch the pet society again beside send the items to ying hong and ming yue~
haizzz... setting the novel d matter now... cant find a suitable word form... sienzzz
watever la~ going to take a bath nw, mom is cuming back~ leave a while //@>@//

MJ looks, nice? XD

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My study gonna start soon

As the title said, I'm going to study after updated my blog...
cuz today is thursday already!! (m i too late?)
yesterday when to bowling wif brother and his friends~ i thought today my hand will ache but i don't feel anything wrong about my hand since this morning (awesome!!)

UEC getting nearer and nearer nw left 29days only!! i hav to study hard already( still wanna play play ...)
upload some photos 1st~~

many ppl likes this photo...( in facebook)

Friday, September 18, 2009

I hate(thank you) the hacker...

so, someone hacked my FB account, petsociety... cuz my account got many rare items!! he took about half of my items!!
actually i dont mine but i wasted lot of time on drawing the mystery box and also decorating my house... when i 1st saw my items gone i felt that my heart is bleeding...
but on the other hand, i also wanna thank the hacker cuz he(i knew who is the hacker cuz he chatted wif me but i duno how 2 report him) hacked me at the right time, nearly UEC i cant stop myself from the PET SOCIETY totally addicted!! but now i removed all the playfsih game beside restaurant city cuz perhaps after exam i will play it again there got many ingredients!!

watched many new movies recently~~
watched tis movie wif yh, one of the female actor very sexy!! quite nice~
watched tis movie wif yh, my and ji chuan... funny but so so...

actually tis is chinese's transformer~~ watched tis wif peipei johnjohn and ah hui~

hmm, not that scary but i din watch 1, 2 and 3 so i duno the different, i watched wif 3D effect no big different... together wif as~~

hmm, talk about sex and between man and woman... really speechless about tis movie, watched yesterday wif yh, vivi, eu and eu's friend( i noe him too but i forgot his name...)

old movie, borrowed from my the male main actor so cool!!

koojunpio so handsome!!

koizora, so touch!!! watched 2 kind one is drama and another one is movie~~ i even cried!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

long time din post dy~~

haha, long time din post already~~
cuz soooo lazy~~
UEC getting nearer~~!!
left46days only!!!!
post some photos 1st~~
the 1st thing that i rmb is aug24 J31 come my house for gathering~~
we BBQ that day~~
quite fun~~ many exclass-mate came too~~

and i addicted wif edit photos~~ cuz i downloaded a software that vry useful, and ez to manage~~

that's my work~~ somemore else but lazy 2 upload~~ XD

shopping wif yh and my~~ searching for a suitable gown~~ but that day only yh bought~~

Sunday, June 28, 2009