Friday, September 18, 2009

I hate(thank you) the hacker...

so, someone hacked my FB account, petsociety... cuz my account got many rare items!! he took about half of my items!!
actually i dont mine but i wasted lot of time on drawing the mystery box and also decorating my house... when i 1st saw my items gone i felt that my heart is bleeding...
but on the other hand, i also wanna thank the hacker cuz he(i knew who is the hacker cuz he chatted wif me but i duno how 2 report him) hacked me at the right time, nearly UEC i cant stop myself from the PET SOCIETY totally addicted!! but now i removed all the playfsih game beside restaurant city cuz perhaps after exam i will play it again there got many ingredients!!

watched many new movies recently~~
watched tis movie wif yh, one of the female actor very sexy!! quite nice~
watched tis movie wif yh, my and ji chuan... funny but so so...

actually tis is chinese's transformer~~ watched tis wif peipei johnjohn and ah hui~

hmm, not that scary but i din watch 1, 2 and 3 so i duno the different, i watched wif 3D effect no big different... together wif as~~

hmm, talk about sex and between man and woman... really speechless about tis movie, watched yesterday wif yh, vivi, eu and eu's friend( i noe him too but i forgot his name...)

old movie, borrowed from my the male main actor so cool!!

koojunpio so handsome!!

koizora, so touch!!! watched 2 kind one is drama and another one is movie~~ i even cried!!