Sunday, May 31, 2009

my mouse spoilt liao!!!

my mouse spoilted==
so difficult to move...
so later will go n buy a new one==
yesterday night i went out with yinghong, we watched a hongkong movie but i cant rmb the name... keke~~ it is about the last time's hongkong... after movie we went to comic world she want buy some comic cuz tis holiday is too long, but at last she bought 1 animation and she spended a long time for choosing the animation, repeat again i really hate on waiting== so i keep telling her that the shop in queensbay close very early d, so choose faster!!!
after shopping we went to ate the malay's char koay teow in front the usm, i love the char koay teow vry much!! it is sooooooooooooooooooo tasty!!!

hmm, juz nw my brother mr kiu jun xiang using the pc n nw is my turn but vry unlucky the mouse cant move...== sadness555 sometimes can move sometimes cant...
so i dunwan play liao... shut down the computer after posting tis post (surely use the alt f4 to close everything)

Saturday, May 30, 2009


tis morning i went to car practical~~
the rain was soooo haevy early in the morning...
when i was eating the breakfast, i was considered about wan 2 bring along an umbrella finally i went out without umbrella, and my choice is correct~~~wakakaka
the aunty let me wait for about 30min== seriously i hate waiting!!!! between that time i read the novel with my PDA~~
A uncle teach me driving... he keep telling me 不要紧张,不要紧张 but i think he is more nervous then me...=='''
the comment of drive car is my leg vry ache...>"<

playing the pet nw, from juz nw the pet didnt appear "click here to retry" GREAT !!
my father want me to go down exercise liao == sienzz lo everytime exerciseexerciseexercise
if i din go down wif him he will show me his "blackface" == y being a human being so "mafan"???

ltr will go queensbay wif yinghong~~ hehe
leave nw~~

Friday, May 29, 2009

so, my 1st post

finally i got time & mood to setup my blog~~ that was great~~

hmm, what should i write here?

hmm, what hav i done 2day?

The exam ended...

I dun even dare 2 think about my result... i noe it will be vry worst.. ==

cuz tis time's exam i juz study little bit, and the exam's question kept asking form 4 and 5's syllabus i cant rmb anything... sadness...

after come back from school... i quickly took a bath and ate the instant noodle then went out.

actually i wan 2 buy the prepaid card downstair But unfortunately mini market's staff went out she closed the mini market=''= =''= =''=

so i hav no choice that auty rex phoned me she waited me at the guardhouse alredy~!!

i ran out faster i cant even imagine if i let the auty wait me.. haha

so she drive me to batu mau to take the car theory for 3 hours..

so boring at there... there got 1 gal that same company wif me, 1stly i saw her i thought she was yayuan cuz she look absolutely like yayuan...

i keep reading novel at there, i din even heard wat the lecturer said... haha

I am wondering that the uncle that fetch me home got something wrong in his brain...

the gal that same car wif me stay at greenlane n i stay at batu uban y dun he drope me 1st???my house reach 1st speechless...

2mr morning i am going 2 the practical about 630am nid 2 wake up==

playing the pet society nw... it cant load again >"<

my mom urge me to go to bed nw..555 wat the~!!!!

haiz that's all 4 2day..