Saturday, May 30, 2009


tis morning i went to car practical~~
the rain was soooo haevy early in the morning...
when i was eating the breakfast, i was considered about wan 2 bring along an umbrella finally i went out without umbrella, and my choice is correct~~~wakakaka
the aunty let me wait for about 30min== seriously i hate waiting!!!! between that time i read the novel with my PDA~~
A uncle teach me driving... he keep telling me 不要紧张,不要紧张 but i think he is more nervous then me...=='''
the comment of drive car is my leg vry ache...>"<

playing the pet nw, from juz nw the pet didnt appear "click here to retry" GREAT !!
my father want me to go down exercise liao == sienzz lo everytime exerciseexerciseexercise
if i din go down wif him he will show me his "blackface" == y being a human being so "mafan"???

ltr will go queensbay wif yinghong~~ hehe
leave nw~~