Wednesday, May 19, 2010

sitting at subway

waiting the time to pass, 11am working
it have been 15days that i work as a waitress at elmondo restaurant
hate working as a waitress, damn tired...
hate the manager
why i come to work?? if i didn't worry about my result i will resign earlier!! but when the time that i want resign, can't already... pity that aunty also...
but i scare that aunty will makan my salary, you know aunty is like that one~
but she treated me many pizza~~ heheeee~~ haven't try the grigliata yet!!! the smells so nice!!! looks delicious!!
the result released, luckily passed, but not very good... i already knew that...
didn't pay great effort on it...
this holiday went out with my secondary school friendsss~~ so nice~~
we went many places~
miss them...
yesterday watched A Night On Elm Street... scary nia... some more watch at midnight!!
wanna buy many things with my salary!! hope that can get it earlier~~~ wanna buy many blouses!!
almost time to work~~ the photos update next time laaa~~~