Tuesday, December 29, 2009

here to update again

ah sheng and his frens back on 2pm by flight~~
he came so suddenly~ luckily i got 2days off(finally off, so many days din off dy because of christmas)~~ they came so rush and din visit anywhere... something wrong... zzz
7ppl together wif ah sheng and all boys~!! OMG~~
the day before yesterday i went out wif mingyue~
we went to school to settle my things first then we go gurney watch movie~~
we watch THE TREASURE HUNTER~~ okok only not vry nice~~ cuz at the end jaychou and linchiling din stay together as wat jaychou said:" WE ARE FROM DIFFERENT WORLD" and some character din explain clearly that who were they~ short movie it is~

after that we went to beach, sat at there chatting around and taken many photos... yinghong din cum wif us... sadness her sister dunwan fetch her back...

hope that in the future, we will never forget each other and all of our sweet memory~