Monday, November 9, 2009

7/11/09 graduation ceremony and prom night

wow, I was graduated~ hahax no need to go back to school again~
that morning, i ate breakfast at mcdonald with yinghong~

after that we went to school, and took some photos~

this was last time i wore uniform~
bout 2.30p.m i fetched yinghong to prangin mall to setting up our dress for prom night~
1st we went to coloured our nails

after setting up everything, we were late from the dinner, nearly cant enter the hall...

this was my look~ XD

took photo with so many frens
unforgettable memories~

after prom night i went to pub, FAME this is my first time enter a pub~
so many people went there, nearly all form6 student went there~
everyone drunk beside me, cuz i drank bit only~ XD