Thursday, June 11, 2009

hehe, learned to edit photo like tis>>>

home alone again ^v^

vry free nw so i learn to edit the photos like tis using the web d software~~
the 1st picture took when teacher's day they made 2 cake 2 celebrate~~
and the 2nd pic is last time 转写工艺 d homework( i spended much time on drawing that heart...), yesterday when i cleaning my wardrobe i found it~~
duno y the i cant upload photo on the facebook... sienzz lo~~ my other facebook's account oso cant upload.... o_O i juz edit another photo, i wan upload la~!!!!!!
haizz, try it later... nw go and cook my spaghetti 1st HUNGRY~!!!


cum back now~~ finished the spaghetti already~~ feel so sticky nw~~

hehe, so rich in meetoto~~ hohoho~~
playing viwawa now, cum back later //(^v^)//