Monday, June 1, 2009

wasting time....

tis morning's tuition vry waste time!!!!

juz talking and read novel at there only....

the teacher said wat i oso no clear!!!sadness...

mingyue keep saying about how bad was her father.

after school i brought mingyue and jichuan to the place tat repair her computer dictionary... tis was the third time she repair her dictionary liao=='''

mom and brother cum back vry late so i saved many novel(i saved 17 novel n i finished 3 alredy), hahaha but Mr kiu jun xiang took away the dictionary liao...=='''

nw decorating my pet's house, but vry lazy no mood...

n my mom keep shouting at me but i oso duno wat r she shout at=='''==''' sing oso cannot==''' mad world!!!!

earning pet's coin nw~~

arh, i rmb something liao ~~

tis morning i didnt wore uniform to school cuz i felt tat needless n the teacher can do nthing 2 me :p

so i wore sport t-shirt jeans and a pair of old sport shoe, and behmingyong and tan jun hong criticism on my sport shoe... very speechless so i automatic ignored them~~ i cant understand y are they love to talk about others?? haiz but "看开了" keke~~ not the 1st day noe them... juz ignore it~~ them everything live in peace haha~~

hmm, now i use to the mouse alredy(great!! haha) it is smoother then the old one~~

my mom urging me to close the pc nw, i really cant understand tat y my fren can play until the whole day their mother dont force them to close n i juz play about 2-3hours they wan me to close== (good or not good i oso duno, who can tell me??)

leave nw hope next time i hav mood to decorate my pet's house and oso tis blog....