Sunday, June 7, 2009

found a new game~~

tis afternoon when i taking bath, my mom wan me 2 hand wash the jeans, OMG~~~!!! where got ppl hand wash the jeans d ?? so heavy~~!!! squeeze till my hand vry pain~!!
after that i went to clean my room, so much dust many days din clean already cuz vry lazy~ haha~
finished everything, i on the pc~~ and play rc, ps and bla bla bla~~
about 3p.m my father came back(he went to fishing) i got a shock cuz normally he wont cum back so early~~ and he told me it is bcoz of his fren's boat engine spoilt, ic~~
he then take a nap... when he woke up, he wanted me to go n swim wif him... haiz exercise ==''' always exercise...
when i went down swimming, hock hin father oso swam at there so i chat wif him a while~~
hmm, 2day nth special happen~~
i found a new game in facebook yoville~~ not really noe how 2 play~~ haha~~ find out next time~
playing meetoto juz now and i am going to be crazy already~!!! everyone was leaver~!!!

they knew i am winnig then b4 the game end the left~~~!!! >"<
sooooooooo angry, they knew i am going to win already then they left~!!!!