Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tis few days~~

horrible air pollution @.@
hope the rain will bring away the haze...
mother bought lense for me, daily disposable~
so expensive~ only 5 pairs, one day rm7...
but compare to the lense that i bought(for 1 month), i felt that mine was more comfortable, cuz the daily lense was so dry...
reading these 2 books~~ borrowed from the library~~ nice books~~
bringing tis to school(ear plug), cuz my class vry noisy!! always make my ears tinnitus...
always forgot to take out tis(wax) when eating... sometimes swallowed it with the food...( it can avoid the damages from the braces, actually it is useful~)
part of my makeup accessories~~ the mascara vry expensive and it can vibrate~~
and my keychain~~ mother bought it when she went to paris~~ ( too boring yesterday~~ keep snapping photos~~)
juz finished it~!! yesterday daddy came back suddenly so i cant pause it~~ i felt that the man actor's face was too ashy~~ many of my friends love tis movie vry much~~ hmm, it hasn't end yet... still got 2 or 3 mayb i will go and read the books~

hmm, today~ so many students absent because of the h1n1 ( to be honest, it just an excuse, they so lazy to cum to school) I saw some students wearing mask, mayb 2mr will go and buy one too~~