Wednesday, June 3, 2009

not that waste time

hmm, 2day d additional classnot that waste time~~
yupyupyup rain heavyly early in the morning, me & mother cant ride motor so Mr kiu jun xiang fetch mother to work and i wait for the rain stop then ride motor to school luckily the rain stop when i went out~~
after the economy class i went to limin d comic shop (i skip the afternoon d lesson cuz i noe i wont concentrate at there) but she went to look for doctor already i met tingting at the comic shop~~
she also skip the lesson~~
after rent the novel i came home and on9~~ but nthing to play doudizhu facebook...everything seem boring~!!!!!
so sticky and sweaty nw~
go to bath nw~~
leave //(^o^)//
hmm, i'm back(8.45p.m)... playing restaurant city and meetoto now~~
i'm new to the restaurant city, really confused bout that~!! ==''' 2mr go n ask mr beh how 2 play~~
mayb he knew the cheat~~
2day i dint go to exercise again then my dad==''' you noe...
2mr MUST go to exercise liao arbo i finish liao ...
haizz... accidentally be the landlord (click wrong, always make the same mistakes~!! really bullshit)
juz now i rent d novel, really waste my $$ and time i dun like it(1 of it cuz i juz finished 1), and i dint go to the eng tuition(hate myself y so lazy~!!)...
updating the adobe now(cuz rc and ps need the latest flashplayer), damnhell lag!! even cant display...555 {{{(O_o)}}}
juz now a noob keep blocking me to win >"< (mtt) and keep ignoring me!! feeling wan 2 kick his ass~!!(so rude haha==)
hmm, wan 2 leave now~~ mother wan me go to bed n sleep nw~!! i will lie at bed LIE only~!! (u noe keke)
leave //(^v^)//