Thursday, June 4, 2009

waste time? duno...

So 2day~~
i skip the chinese additional class, cuz i noe i wont listen to the lesson(haiz),
i went to return the novel and bought 2 comic then went to yinghong house~~ chating with her and oso read comic~~ her house =='' really speechless like after nuclear...(><) dirty blouses panties dirty dishes++++ throwing here and there.... 2.30p.m i went to fetch my mother from her tuition student d house then we went to batu lancang for snack and oso buy some foodstuff~~ after that we went home~~ i noe 2day i MUST go swimming so i dint wash my hair~~ 2day nth special happened beside my mom force my go swimming at the time that i dunlike...she threaten me that i can eat my dinner after i swim >"<

i didnt go to the english tuition too, mayb i want to stop the tuition...
playing restaurant city nw... so lag... always lost connect
hmm, everything loading nw...
my mom dunwan talk nw, haha not bad~~ or else she always shout at me~~
hmmm, nth to write already, leave nw~~ //(6v6)//
cum back a while~~ so late already daddy havent cum back yet, haha i decorated here hohoho~~ mayb 2mr continue~~
leave //(^ 3 ^)//