Tuesday, June 9, 2009

finally fixed it~~ hohoho so clever~~

yesterday when i using pc it suddenly lost connect... cant connect with the streamyx~!!!!
and i duno wat happened?? and i phoned the 100 no body pick the phone really "pek chek" so i give up... cuz nearly 4p.m want go out already~~ watch movie with aisze~~
we watched angel & demon. like tis movie~!! really meaningful~~ but many of my frens duno wat does it mean, they felt bored haha~~
after movie we went to met aisze d frens at sushi king, i ate many things haha~~
b4 go home we went to brand outlet i bought 3 keychain, strawberry keychain cuz vry cheap only 1 for me 1 for yinghong and another 1 for mingyue~~

so tis morning i went to learn car. yeaterday the uncle said he wait meon 7a.m at guard house there but when i woke up already 6.45a.m!!! at the time that i saw the clock i really cant believe it, omg so late alerady~!! so i faster took a bath change blouses then ran to the guard house luckily the uncle juz arrived...
i felt that drive car really interesting but i always forgot parking's steps , =.=
and the "stroke"( i duno wat is the name cuz the uncle said tis mayb spelt wrongly haha) not really use to it, i always went over or b4the yellow line =.=
but the 3 point turn vry easy nia (to me) ~~ ^v^
after that the uncle let me drove home~~ totally didnt "死火" really clever (pround of it )

and the uncle always step on the break he always told me slow, slow, slow, slow, slow, slow~~!!!
only 50km/j ~!!!! omg=.= i drive vry fast meh?? hng everytime i drive motor is about 90km/j++, 50km/j to me cheap cheap only ; p
i juz fixed the streamyx, hohoho so clever~!! the setting changed automatically...=.=
but watever la~~
really hungry nw, cook soup 1st, leave nw //(^-^)//
//(^-^) // cum back nw~~
hehe finally i added frens list and oso subcription list hohoho, can post comment already~~ hohoho~~ me so clever~~
i juz went to pet society to hav a look, and nw got garden liao lo, omg, but moodles to play tis game... haha