Wednesday, December 9, 2009

wow so late liao lor~~

now is 1.09a.m
hahax home alone so nice~~ XD
no one will disturd me while i am using computer~~
2day hmm i think is yesterday was my off day~~ went to many place~~
woke up early in the morning 7.30a.m cuz i wanna drive car i scare my brother dunwan let me use~~ i went to mingyue house 1st cuz long time din find her ady~ and oso wanna give her present for her birthday, chatting with her~~
then i brought her together to cut hair with me~~ my hair was totally out of shape~~
after that i fetched her home and went to renew my ic~~
their service were so good and fast~~!! i thought i hav to wait about 1 or 2 hours BUT i juz spended 10min to renew my ic~!!! but one thing, i hav to wait one month to collect my ic...
i went home after that... i slept a while... cuz too tired~~ bout 5pm i went out wif likiew and sebastian we watched NINJA ASSASIN
nicer than NINJA

but so bloody and violence~!!

i bought a bag at so nice only rm28, i bought contact lense and another bag too hope tat can receive it 2mr~~
heavy rain now... hmmm i think wanna sleep liao lar cuz later hav to work~~
update next time ^^