Friday, January 8, 2010

the end of working as a niceday promoter

as the title said i hav stopped working at niceday because i am going to study so i need time to prepare everything~i had a nice memory at there~

upload some photos taken at niceday~

i hav learned many things at there, this photo is the flower bunch that i made~ so satisfied~
cuz i never wrap a flower bunch before~
and i learned how to wrap the present too and some more wif many design and also i hav trained a great speed~ XD
i love to wrap present, i love to communicate with the customer especially those customer who are SPEAKING cuz i wanna train my english~
and i love the workmates~ we always chatting here and there~
and i love the chirstmas eve~ we had a gift exchange~ i got a underwear and pyjamas from my manager~
and i love my salary too~~ haha~
the stuff i bought wif my salary:
handphone, nokia 5230 wif rm820(but my parents havent know yet....and brother juz saw it....555 finish....)
sport wear for daddy rm69
dolphin doll for borther rm10.xx
dior lipsticks for mother rm68 (cuz brother sponsor rm20...)
and maaaaaany small purse!!!!!! addicted wif smal purse~ XD
i really had i sweet memories at there~ XD
later i am going to take my new laptop back, i love my daddy~ he bought for me as study use~