Monday, January 11, 2010

a wonderful start and a stupid ending...

Is 1.48a.m
Lying on the bed to type my blog… still no wifi in my room so time post will post up in the morning… still not very use to this keyboard… always typed the wrong word…
Hanging out with yinghong and mingyue just now (hmmm, I think is I should say yesterday) we went to gurney and beach~
Early in the morning I fetch yinghong to mcd and we online at there~
Felt so satisfied again~ haha~ after that we go and fetch mingyue then went to gurney we sat at the cape(a restaurant) and online~ cuz mingyue wanna chat wif SOMEONE~ because of she wanna online so I and yinghong went to watch movie~
The vampire assistant~ nice but I think haven’t finish….

We taken many photos~~ upload some here~

Quarrel with mom again… and this time she very angry….
Because of the mph voucher… duno how to explain… was a small case actually….
Haizz… wanna go to study…faster…. Dunwan stay at home….

Written 1/11/10 2.02a.m


Anonymous said...

yah, vampire assistant was released in 12 books, the movie was the combination of the first and second only.