Sunday, January 10, 2010

Using my new laptop to type my blog now~

So happy~! Thanks dad and I love you~

Felt so satisfied now, cuz everything is new~ new handphone, laptop and moving to a new place too~ Kampar hope that I can meet a nice roommate

Hmm, still not vry use to my new laptop cuz always using desktop, window and the keyboard is different~ but i think very fast only la~~ XD

One thing sadness is no wifi is detected in my room so I cant online… sad== so if I wanna online I hav to use back the desktop… I thought I can use the penang wifi firstly…. But never mind la I still can play game, read novel and watch movie in my room…

A little bit problem with my new hand phone that is the music player cant find the songs… I only can find my songs in the memory card…… see mayb tomorrow I can solve the problem~

Spended much money this few days salaries almost gone… left not much… I go Kampar still wanna use money… hav to save it up already…

Went to waterfall juz now(09/01/10), long time din go there already… cuz working no time… there changed a lot… currently in renovation…

Taken many photos with my hand phone XD

Upload some here~

Hanging out with yinghong and mingyue tomorrow~ mayb that is the last time that 3 of us can gather together. in the future MAYB we can meet only after our graduate… I will very appreciate this chance…

Written 09/01/10 11.00p.m