Monday, January 18, 2010

a new chapter if my life

the 1st day i went to school, i noe bit new frens(cuz the 1st day u cant expect much... haha)
taken some pictures of my school~
well, from today onwards i am a utar student
this is our canteen~ infront of the canteen is the lake~ beautiful scenery!!
Blockquoteand my accommodation also very nice is a double room and quite big~

the only thing i hate is very hot!!!!!
i think about 1 week i will darker then before~zzz tomorrow must remember to bring the umbrella....
and this afternoon i lost in utar... i was going home but i cant find the exit....
suppose the exit is around block c and i ride to block I.... u cant imagine how far it is... and some more the sun so shine.... almost faint....
hmm, many things to do but duno start from where...